Queen’s Round

Created by Ulric of Ambledune

Kings are known for their power, and the King’s round in archery tests this royal attribute by moving the target further and further from the archers. Archers drop out at an end if they miss the target, until only one archer remains. But what about Queens, known for their subtlety, accuracy and consistency?

This a round at 30 yards, where on each successive end the size of the target is reduced, and archers drop out if they miss the reduced target face, until only one archer remains.


Used a standard 60 cm, five colour face at 30 yards. Each colour has two rings, with the gold having an additional third ring. Each end is 3 arrows only, and to progress at least one arrow needs to score. An archer drops out if all 3 arrows miss.

In the first round, the scoring region was all 5 colours.

In the second round, the outer white ring did not score.

In the third round, both white rings did not score.

In the fourth round, only the inner black ring, and blue, red and gold scored.

In the fifth round, only the blue, red and gold scored.

In the sixth round, only the inner blue ring, and red and gold scored.

In the 7th round, only the red and gold scored.

In the 8th round, only the inner red ring, and gold scored.

In the 9th round, only the gold scored.

In the 10th round, only the inner gold ring scored.

If an 11th round is required, only the inner inner gold scored.

If you still have archers left, well done, and call it a draw.

Note that you do not have to score in the outer white ring in the first round – that would just be cruel. Same for any other round. If you score gold all the way, then you are in at least until round 11.