By Dede Kilic, Aneala

To give archers a chance to test their skills in archery against individual combatants, the Anealans developed a series of combat archery tourneys. These provide varying challenges and allow an archer to show their skill to the best advantage.

All of these archery tourneys can be run as a round robin or with one of the other related tournament formats such as double elimination.

Barrier Tourney field diagram

Barrier Tourney field

Colour coding for field layouts


Field Layout

Two 2 metre squares that are set 7 metres apart.


This is a barrier tourney so only head, arms and upper body count as hits.


2 archers with 6 arrows each.

How to Win

The winner is the one who kills their opponent. If both archers use up all arrows and no one dies, then it is classified as a double kill and the archers re-fight it.

Safe Viewing Areas

Assuming a safe distance of 15 metres and the front of the viewing area is kept to 20 metres. This makes them safe from any likelihood of an arrow reaching them. The arrow zones (light blue areas) were calculated by assuming the archer shooting an arrow is up against the barrier and their bow is over the line. It also assumes that their target is diagonally opposite also standing at the barrier. This should be the steepest angle the arrow is fired at during the tournament.


  • You could make a point score system with a hit on an Arm worth 5 points, a Head worth 3 points and a Body worth 1 point. The winner would be decided by the first to reach 20 points.