Here are some frequently asked questions relating to target archery

Can I use carbon fibre or aluminium arrrows?

If you already owned some carbon fibre or aluminium arrows prior to showing up to your first event, you can use them at your first couple of SCA events or practices, in order to give you enough time to get wooden arrows sorted.  You may be excluded from having your score included in competition unless you can borrow wooden arrows for the competition.

Children can use non-wooden arrows

If we are shooting at a live armoured target using combat blunts (eg. an Agincourt run), what kind of marshal do we need?  A heavy marshal or a target archery marshal?

The kind of marshal you need depends on the kind of target you are shooting at.  A live target requires a heavy marshal to oversee everything, including the target’s armour inspection and all the arrow inspections.

A combat archery authorsiation is not required for archers shooting at armoured particpants for scenarios such as Agincourt runs or peasant archers firing into a war field from a safe position.

Can children also shoot at armoured particpants (eg Agincourt runs or peasant archers firing into a war field from a safe position)?

Yes, the Society Earl Marshal declared that minors may shoot at armoured particpants in these scenarios, even though they are too young to authorise for combat archery.  It’s a pretty cool way to get them interested!