Like the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition, the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge (SSAC) allows archers from across the Known World to compare their scores without having to be on the same range at the same time.

Each season, the format for the competition changes to test the full range of archery skills.

More information about the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge, including this current season’s challenge, can be found here.

If you’d like to participate, please contact your local Captain of Archers or any Target Archery Marshal about running one of these shoots.

Target Archery Marshals running SSAC events

Target Archery Marshals running events should submit the scores for those events to the Society Archery Scores database . Scores should be submitted promptly, within 2 weeks of any event or practice. When submitting scores you need to know the following information.

  • Archer`s SCA name
  • Archer`s mundane name
  • Archer`s local SCA branch
  • Archer’s score for each end shot in the round

If you are a Target Archery Marshal and do not have a login for this Scores database, please contact the Deputy Earl Marshal for Archery and provide the following information:

  • Your SCA name
  • Your mundane name
  • Your local SCA branch
  • Your membership number and expiry date
  • Your authorisation expiry date
  • The email address you wish to use for this account

Check out our scores

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