Some of the rules relating to combat archery are being reviewed, and we would appreciate your feedback on areas that you would like to see changed, or need to be better clarified.

You can also submit question on rules through the contact form below.

Killing conventions for unplumed archers

There’s lots of discussion on unplumed archers, and feedback on your experiences on being a plumed or unplumed archer is welcome.


The rules currently state:

In scenarios involving missile combat using arrows or bolts, all openings in the helm larger than 5mm across must be covered by well-secured screening. The screening must be one of:
(a) Perforated steel no less than 1.6mm thick. Perforations will be no more than 5 mm, with less than 50% open surface area.
(b) Stout woven steel mesh of minimum 1.6mm wire with openings of no more than 5mm.
(c) Crimsafe brand security mesh
(d) With the exception of “Crimsafe” noted above, window screen or galvanised hardware cloth is unacceptable for use as screening.

Several of the types of mesh currently in use in Lochac do not actually meet these rules as written, however have proven to be quite safe in practice.  We are looking to include specifications for mesh to allow a wider range of mesh types to be used – eg. mesh which is functionally equivalent to Crimsafe brand mesh, but comes from a different proprietor, perhaps any type of steel mesh which meets the rapier mask punch test, and stainless steel mesh of 0.8mm with less than 5mm openings.


Combat arrow timbers

We are undergoing a staged removal of ramin from use as timber for the construction of combat arrows, and it is a CITES protected species.  This means that we need to find other timber types which meet our needs.  We are currently investigating other types of timber to see how they perform under our unusual circumstances.

When we find suitable timbers we will add then to the allowed timber types for arrow construction.  They will be listed in the rules by species name, and by common name (eg Tasmanian oak is actually three species of eucalypt).


Your feedback on these, and any other rules is appreciated

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