By Dede Kilic, Aneala

To give archers a chance to test their skills in archery against individual combatants, the Anealans developed a series of combat archery tourneys. These provide varying challenges and allow an archer to show their skill to the best advantage.

All of these archery tourneys can be run as a round robin or with one of the other related tournament formats such as double elimination.

Field Layout

This would be an open field melee which would need to be conducted on a normal war field.


It would follow the rules as laid out in section 1.2.3 of the Lochac Fighters Handbook. Specifically, each archer is at liberty to form a team with others and combat can be between uneven sides. In addition, the rule about not striking from behind would become for the archers you are not allowed to shoot someone from behind.


As many archers7 as are present on the day.

How to Win

You need to be the last archer standing. If all archers are dead, then those last killed have to refight as it would be a double kill scenario.

Safe Viewing Areas

There is no safe area for spectators, so the spectators and archers should follow the rules for a mixed combat war scenario.


  • You could add a multiple life option, this would probably require archers to collect arrows as they leave for rechecking and resupply.