The Lochac Company of Archers are a Companionship of archers who have been recognised by their peers as being Archers with high levels of chivalry, service, courtesy, courtly behaviour and accomplishment in Archery. They have therefore been made Companions of the Lochac Company of Archers in recognition of their achievements.

The Award of the Lochac Company of Archers is a Grant Level Award and ranks equal in precedence to the Order of the White Scarf, and higher in precedence than other varieties of Grants of Arms.

Companions of the Lochac Company of Archers may do research into any aspects of the art of missile and thrown weapons and advise the Lochac Earl Marshal and the Deputy Earl Archery Marshal for Archery.

The Lochac Company of Archers (LCoA) began in 2002 when the Kingdom of Lochac was proclaimed.

In 2017, in the reign of Ariston and Lilivati, the Crown signed an accord to recognise the equivalent orders from other Kingdom’s, echoing Aethelmearc’s Scarlet Guard Accord, Atlantia’s Treaty of the Yew Bow, and An Tir’s Grey Goose Treaty.

The first Companion of the Lochac Company of Archers was Hrothgar Breaksword – just after the proclamation of the Kingdom of Lochac.

From there, the Company has steadily grown as archers hone their skills in chivalry, service, courtesy, courtly behavior and accomplishment in Archery and develop the attributes necessary to become a Companion of the Order.

We are looking for those who support and practice period archery, excell at the target butts or on the war field with bow or thrown weapons.

There are currently only 23 Companions in the Order. Companions of the Order have the title of ‘The Honourable Lord/Lady’ if they do not already have that title, or Captain.

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Name: Elevated on:
Hrothgar Breaksword 03 Aug 2002
Nathaniel Mendoza y de Guadalajara 17 Nov 2002
Nathan Blacktower 1 Nov 2003
Margie of Glen More 6 Dec 2003
Robert Gascard 12 Jun 2004
Emrys Tudur 6 Nov 2004
Rainald FitzRenyard 27 March 2005
Alessandro di Firenzi 18 Feb 2006
Mercurio d’Etanger 27 Oct 2007
Sabine D’Antan 27 Oct 2007
Jochen Schwalbe 4 Jul 2008
Bryce of Arrowsreach 6 Dec 2008
Sigmund Spelmann 25 Apr 2011
Madog Llwyd ap Madog 12 Jun 2011
Jean le Horner 9 Jun 2012
Charles du Bois 30 Jun 2012
Angele Marie de Savigny 31 Mar 2013
Wulfryk Greycloak 5 May 2013
John Longshankes the Grey 8 Jun 2013
Ulric of Ambledune 29 Nov 2014
Ranif Pallesser 6 April 2015
Richard D’Allier 27 January 2018
William de la Montaigne Coupe 4 May 2019

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We are pleased to answer questions relating to the Company and anything to do with archery and missile weapons in the Kingdom of Lochac.

If your enquiry relates to the rules or regulations regarding archery or missile weapons events in Lochac, please use the contact form.

If you are after one of the Companions, please state who and very briefly what the matter is about so we can pass it on.