Lochac does not use the same kinds of arrows as the rest of the Known World, and we have been granted an exemption from the Society Earl Marshal to do this.

Lochac Archery Exemption from Society Earl Marshal

SCA, Inc. Office of the Earl Marshal
To: SCA Inc. Board of Directors, SCAA Board of Directors and SCANZ Board of Directors
From: Society Earl Marshal of the SCA Inc. and Earl Marshal of the Kingdom of Lochac
CC: Society Seneschal of SCA Inc. and Seneschal of the Kingdom of Lochac
Date: 2 December 2011
Re: Armored Combat Exemption Agreement between SCA Inc., SCAAA and SCANZ

The Society Earl Marshal acting in the capacity of the office do hereby grant the following exemptions to the Kingdom of Lochac with regards to armored combat. These exemptions are granted based on a lack of inter-kingdom event interaction. These exemptions only apply to events within the borders of the Kingdom of Lochac. Any citizen of Lochac attending an event outside the border of Lochac will need to conform to the Society Minimum standards as defined in the Society handbook for Armored Combat.

Exemption 1: Combat Archery Conventions – The Kingdom of Lochac have permission to practice combat archery with the following parameters that deviate from Society Standards.

  •  Arrow construction:
    • The use of wooden shafted arrows
    • The use of the Riverhaven II blunt design.
    • Arrows that do not have APD
  •  ‘Killing’ convention: Plumed combatants shall have a 5 meter kill radius as per the Lochac combat handbook
  •  ‘Archery mesh’ as defined in the Lochac combat handbook is required to be used for all combatants and marshals on the melee field for this type of arrow to be in use.

Reason: Lochac has been doing this already for some time and has requested an “official” waiver on these rules. There is a degree of physical separation from other Kingdoms inter-kingdom playability is not a concern at this time.

Omarad the Wary, KSCA, OP (mka: Paul Newton)
Society Earl Marshal