by Rioghan of Saarlands, Krae Glas

Most archery shoots focus on scoring as many points as possible, and the winner is the person who scores the highest total points, or a single scoring hit.

The burnout shoot focuses more on arrow control and a continual improvement in scores.

An archer shoots end after end to remain in the competition, but must get a higher total than the end before. Failing to better the previous end results in that archer being eliminated.

Usitarget for burnoutng this 60cm target face points are scored from the outside moving inwards, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Each end involves an archer shooting 6 arrows and totalling the score that they shot.

With the focus on arrow control, it is optimal to try to increase ones score by only 1 point per end to ensure an archer remains in the competition as long as possible.

Krae Glas has been running this shoot from a fifteen yard line to focus on arrow placement and not just hitting the target face. This shoot though can be run from a longer line. We also run this shoot in pools of 5 to 7, with the top 2 from each pool going into a finals pool were their scores start from scratch. We found this encourages greater spectator tension.

A variant we plan to try is to randomise the chance that when pools combine, the archers may have to continue with the scores from their previous pools.