By Dede Kilic, Aneala

To give archers a chance to test their skills in archery against individual combatants, the Anealans developed a series of combat archery tourneys. These provide varying challenges and allow an archer to show their skill to the best advantage.

All of these archery tourneys can be run as a round robin or with one of the other related tournament formats such as double elimination.

Archers Holmgang field diagram

Archer’s Holmgang field

Colour coding for field layouts

Field Layout

Two 8 metre circles are marked out diagonally from each other with a 1 metre a side square between them. The field should be open enough that either archer can step into the central square.


This is a duel of honour where the winner is decided by who can reach the safety of the centre square.


2 archers at a time with 3-6 arrows each.

How to Win

Each archer tries to keep their opponent away from the central square while at the same time trying to get themselves into the square.  If both archers run out of arrows, then it constitutes a double kill and the bout is refought.

Safe Viewing Areas

There is no safe area for spectators, so it is recommended that they be kept at least 30 metres away from the combat.


  • You could add two armoured combattants as shield bearers. They would be allowed to block arrows but not fight in the tourney.
  • You could have 4 archers, each with their own area in a 4 leaf clover shape which then lends itself to teaming up or having each fight independently so make it a potential of 3 – 1.