By Dede Kilic, Aneala

To give archers a chance to test their skills in archery against individual combatants, the Anealans developed a series of combat archery tourneys. These provide varying challenges and allow an archer to show their skill to the best advantage.

All of these archery tourneys can be run as a round robin or with one of the other related tournament formats such as double elimination.

Field Layout

This would be an open field with two lines 15 metres apart.


It would follow most of the rules of traditional Khubb except for the King piece in the middle. So, each team of archers would shoot at their opponents. If they kill an opponent, then the opponent must change to the other side and now shoot at members of their own team. If the opponent is shot in an arm or a leg they move 1 metre closer to their opponents. Each time a “functioning” limb is shot they will move a metre closer.


As many archers, as are present on the day divided into two equal teams.

How to Win

The team that gets all their opponents on their side of the field are the winners.

Safe Viewing Areas

There is no safe area for spectators, so the spectators and archers should follow the rules for a mixed combat war scenario.


  • You could add a King Piece, though possibly they will be called the Champion. This will be a designated member of the team whose members are now on their opponent’s side. The Champion will step into a centre square about 2x2metres and every archer on the original team will then shoot a single arrow each one after the other. If the Champion is hit, then that team is the winner. If they don’t then the other team is deemed to have been rescued by their Champion and are declared the winners.